Thursday, 24 December 2015

Besar Manakah Dosa

Sebesar manakah dosa ku?
Adakah aku membunuh keluargamu? Mengkhianati kamu?
Menipu kamu?
Mencuri harta kamu?
Sampai bila baru kamu berpuas hati?  Sampai semua adik beradik melutut di kaki kamu kah?
Sampai bila kamu mahu membela ego kamu?
Sampai kami semua mati tubuh hancur musnah kah?
Apa yang kamu akan dapat dengan pengakhiran kami?
Kamu mahu jadi umat Muhammad atau umat Firaun?

Thursday, 11 June 2015

#19 Be Thankful

Dear Allah,

Recently I went to a talk and, one of the point is how we should be thankful. We met a kind person who helped us to get out from an immensely tight situation, we would be very thankful to that person. We would probably paid him some cash or set a relationship with him/her. Then think about Allah who is more than that. Allah who lets our heartbeat continues and takes care of every little things in our life.

Try to pray with this mindset that we pray, as an act to be very thankful to Allah SWT, rather than fullfilling an obligation. Feel the difference. Feel that Allah is near. Feel that we miss Allah, and death is the only door we could meet Allah.

Friday, 20 February 2015

#18 Jam Loceng Ekstrim

Saya ada aplikasi jam loceng di telefon pintar.
Nama aplikasi tersebut "Extreme Alarm Clock".
Setiap pagi ia akan menjerit dan saya mesti menyelesaikan soalan matematik mudah supaya, tidur semua orang aman. haha.
Pagi tadi, dalam separuh sedar, lebih kurang empat kali cubaan baru dapat jawapan yang betul.
Soalannya ialah 43+47 = ?

Sunday, 29 June 2014

#17 Adam dan Hawa

Back when I was in school, friends often asked - how it was, being an elder sister of twins brother-sister? Well, I remember having two small heads tailing me almost everywhere I went around the house. Sometimes, I, the wicked sister, would led a false trail for them to leave me alone. For example, playing hide and seek, the twins would be the seeker, they would turned to face the wall and counted 1234567...100 and I pretended to hide...and fled the place. Hawa did not appreciate this, and unfortunately she remember to this day.
To make this story even - so you would forgive me for being lackluster - I also enjoyed teaching the twins numbers and ABC. I would prepared presents - sweets, fancy-looking erasers. They would be very excited thus sped the learning process. Of course the most effort would be credited to my mother. There was this incident where our house was nearly caught on fire because my mother was deep in passion helping the twins with their homework; she forgot the frying pan on the stove.
The issue related to twins is; people tend to compare them. Being boy and girl, Adam and Hawa are totally different and unique on their own personalities. But people sometimes thought they were comparable like identical twins when the case is clearly an apple and an orange. These are the questions being asked on me too - do they cry at the same times? Do they dream of each other? Do they communicate telephatically? I wish... It would made their life in examination hall very comfortable.
Actually this post is a (be)late(ed) birthday treat for Adam and Hawa. I dont want to write any advices or reminders since they never listened to me anyways, yours truthfully the humble sister. We fought a lot too, especially with Hawa, my sparring partner fighting neck to neck. But there are some things you can't share without ending up liking each other, and knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll...knocking out house no 26 with stupid fight is one of them. Undeniably Hawa is the closest sibling to me. She understands me the most and we shared many similar interests. I could listen to her chattering the whole day and our topics of conversation never ends. The same with Adam too - the youngest and the one with the most hardships. He inspired us with his actions. Sometime I thought he is the most matured. This guy also gets you and understands the reason behind my every decision- I always enjoyed my conversation with him.
Anyway I better stop here because I dont want to talk much before the twins start comparing and nagging who get the most praises and whatnot. I just want to say  both of you have equal footing in my heart. I am sorry for not being a good model sister. But be assured, If I have RM5 in my wallet and havent eaten yet for the day because that is my last RM5 I own and am saving it for emergency. Then if emergency come in the form of you barging in my room asking me to help you with RM5, I will hand it without slightest hesitation. That is my promise and my level of love. Jazakallah, may Allah grant both of you al-firdaus. I am most grateful and learn a lot of lessons from these remarkable young peoples.
P/s - other siblings I ll write about you too haha god knows when. That RM5 rule apply the same.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

#15 Counting The Blessing

Everytime, always. Allah is the most gentle to me. He knows I could not handle sudden loss, so He let my mother introduced the idea of death early on during my childhood. He knows I am not strong like other people He tested with tragic. He let me do and explore my way first before I finally see and learnt and returned to His path. He nurtured me around the warmest friends and families available. He will always be the Most Loving, Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim. The one that know me most, the one that always be there everytime I pray iyyaka na'budu wa iyyaka nasta 'een. No other joy could defeat the joy of having a God.

#14 Bad Habit this Blog Owner is waging war with ( her bad self)

Am receiving complaints from friends, and latest, my mother!

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

#13 The Caring Society

I am sure by now, everyone has heard about the 15 years old teenager with Cerebral Palsy. He was found locked in his own home with the condition one could not fathom the logic of reason for one that is living with his own mom. The mother is a single parent. The father of the teenager has been missing and does not care for the kid.

Let us revise back the points in our Prophet's SAW last ever speech.

1. To avoid riba
2. To protect the women
3. To feed and cloth the people in need.
4. Do not tell lies
5. Do not take things from others.

What has been done is done. I too could not help to judge the mother, the neighbor, the friends, the family. May Allah forgive me for being judgemental. May Allah forgive us if this situation is a result in our negligence to take care of point no (2) and point no (3).

Lets take action of the points and spread the words around as the Prophet SAW strongly reminded us to do so. Lets avoid riba. Lets start to friend the next door neigbor. Lets be an ear to friend's and colleagues issues and help them to find solutions.

Lets take action with our own hands and feet as for when we are to be questioned by Allah later, I am sure we will never answer with "it is the mother's responsibility" or "the government is not doing enough!" or "I already commented in facebook!". The hands and feet are going to answer the question for us.

Friday, 23 May 2014

#12 The Curious Case of Panda in Putrajaya

Panda coming to Malaysia, why am I not really excited about it?

After careful analysis, here I present the reason behind it - What Panda has, I already have.
1. Dark circle around the eyes - checked.
2. Shy and elusive - checked
3. Hate noises - checked
4. Physically round, plump, no curves - checked
5. Spent 40% of the day not moving and sleeping - checked
6. Live alone for most of the life - checked

I like Puma best, especially the female. 
What Puma has, and I dont have  am on my way to achieve it :
1. run fast
2. Eat accordingly. Puma hunts once a day, 
3. Secretive
4. Strong and cute
5. Live in the mountains
6. Very protective of their cubs
7. Strong
8. Fearsome